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Holistic Counseling

For Women by Hiba

With a degree in Psychology and as a qualified Advanced Practitioner in Holistic Counseling, you and I work together to restore balance in your inner being that is under constant threat by the ongoing stress and juggling of multiple demanding roles.

Through regular private consultations, we examine an in-depth assessment of your lifestyle in every aspect of your mental, physical, and spiritual health to help you regain balance and find your sakeena.


Throughout our sessions, we look deeply into and challenge your thoughts, behaviours, self-talk, core beliefs, and patterns that may be contributing to the imbalance you may be feeling. We analyze your sources of stress and provide tools for how to cope with the ongoing challenges of life as a woman and/or mother.


This area is often overlooked when thinking about mental health. However research has shown the tremendous impact our physical health and habits has on our mood and overall wellbeing. Exercise, water intake, diet, and sleep are just a few areas we look at to determine the adjustments necessary to help you feel at your best.


Islam contains all the answers to every ailment imaginable to the human experience. We delve into your relationship with Our Creator, and apply practical and effective ways to enhance your connection to Him. Through this path we work together to find meaning and healing in your journey, thereby uplifting you and increasing your faith.


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